Pound for Pound Fitness Center
Offering Fitness Classes and Personal Training

Pound for Pound is an exciting new program with lots to offer but done so with your time management in mind.

Offering 45 minute classes that will get your heart rate up, sweat going, and calories burning. Every class you can expect to train in all four major categories of exercise. (Endurance, strength, stability, and flexibility.) utilizing basic boxing techniques (jabs, cross, hooks, and upper cuts) you can quickly begin to work on cardiovascular and strength conditioning.

Pound for Pound will also be offering a long list of body weight exercises along with several types of resistance bands. Using these tools will aid in flexibility and stability.

The program will also be incorporating a variety of exercise theory to keep the body guessing and working hard. High intensity interval training (HIIT). Time under tension (TUT). AMRAP (as many round as possible). Metabolic conditioning (METCON).

No matter if its your first class or hundredth all levels will be able to benefit from every minute of every class.

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COVID Safety Protocols

Here at Pound for Pound we take the health and safety of all our members and guests seriously. We carefully review the state and CDC guidelines for health and fitness facilities on an on-going basis and make every effort to comply. Below are just some of the measures we are taking to insure the health and well being of those utilizing our facilities. If you believe that there is something more we could be doing please contact us.

Thanks and enjoy your time at Pound for Pound.

  • New A/C and ventilation system installed including active Bipolar Ionization technology provided by Airionex.
  • Facility is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected twice daily and equipment wiped down between classes..
  • Sanitizer stations available at multiple points throughout the facility
  • Loaner gloves are only used once prior to being cleaned and disinfected before their next use.
  • Masks required throughout the facility
  • Touchless temperature screening upon entry to the facility.
  • Limited class sizes in accordance with local and state regulations.

It is highly recommended:

  • Reserve classes well in advance in order to secure your spot
  • Pay in advance for classes to minimize the interaction with staff upon arrival (we recommend becoming a monthly member)
  • Provide your own gloves and wraps
  • When not on the training floor maintain social distancing and wear a mask
  • Bring any concerns you may have to the lead instructor.

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